4. Discussion and Conclusion

Summary and Conclusions
Summing up the above results, we could see that obviously there were more negative comments on NEWater than the positive comments. This confirms that NEWater is regarded as unsafe water due to the source it is originated from.
Based on the positive remarks, we learnt that originally these people had regarded NEWater as waste water but when they saw the process that was used to purify NEWater, their mindset changed causing them to show more appreciation towards NEWater.
As we aim to change many people’s negative perspectives towards NEWater, we came with a few solutions.
Our Solutions:

  • Educate people on NEWater
  • Conduct tours to the NEWater centre to show the public how much effort is put in to make the water clean
  • Conduct campaigns on NEWater in popular events
  • Conduct game shows on NEWater

We hope that these solutions would change the mindsets of those people who have a negative perspective NEWater.

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