Sunday, 3 February 2013

Lit Review-Itmam Azwad(13)

Literature Review

What is NEWater?
NEWater is high-grade reclaimed water. It is produced from treated used water that is further purified using advanced membrane technologies and ultra-violet disinfection, making it ultra-clean and safe to drink.
Developed by PUB after three decades, NEWater has passed more than 65,000 scientific tests and surpasses World Health Organisation requirements, a testimony of its high quality and reliability.
(PUB, 2012)
Why do we need NEWater?
Singapore is a small, wealthy island that depends heavily on its neighbouring countries for their natural resources including water. In fact, half of the country’s water supply is imported from Malaysia. To make sure we have a many sustainable water source and we do not depend too much on Malaysia, NEWater was invented.(Seah, 2002)

People’s perception towards NEWater
Exhibitions, briefings, advertisements, posters and brochures were used to get the message across that NEWater was not only safe to drink, but also a sustainable source of water supply. MPs and grassroots leaders, having been persuaded themselves, helped to spread the messages concerning the community.
In a greater attempt to reach out to the community, NEWater was bottled to allow the general public to sample the taste of NEWater. Then Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong gave his personal endorsement after drinking a bottle of NEWater following a tennis game, a footage that reflected the strong support for NEWater at the highest levels. It was aired on national television on 6 August 2002, and would set the stage for the “mass toast” event at the National Day Parade three days later, where 60,000 people celebrated Singapore’s national birthday with NEWater.

A survey carried out pointed towards an overwhelming public acceptance of NEWater, with 82% of respondents indicating they were prepared to think directly and an additional 16% prepared to drink it indirectly, after mixing with reservoir water. (Soon, 2009)

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