Monday, 1 April 2013

Notes of Meeting - (2)

Date: 21 January 2013
Time: 11:40 am
Present: V. Asritha, Chua Tuan Jin, Wong Kang Zhi
Absent with apologies: Itmam Azwad
Research Topic: Attitudes and perspectives of people towards NEWater
Survey Questions:
  • How to carry out our research?
By using a questionnaire (Google Survey)
  • No. of Questions:
  • 1st Question
Have you ever drunk Newater before?
  • 2nd Question
Would you choose other brands of mineral water over NEWater?
  • 3rd Question
Do you have any problems by using NEWater?
  • 4th Question
Would you recommend NEWater to you friends/relatives?
  • 5th Question
Do you think NEWater is clean enough to drink?
  • 6th Question
Are you disgusted by NEWater?
  • 7th Question
If the answer is yes, why are you disgusted?
  • 8th Question
What was your first impression about NEWater?


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