2. Methods

Procedures Used

Field of Study

The study was carried out on students of SST.

Data Collection
Survey, facebook polls, direct information from the NEWater organisation has helped us build a great foundation for the research. We created a survey which was posted in Facebook and this allowed Singaporeans to share their thoughts on NEWater. There were 8 questions in the survey. The reason for the number of questions in the survey was to make sure that the survey will not be too wordy. The number of questions are also reasonable.
The following are the survey questions:

Our Survey Questions

1. Have you ever drank NEWater before?
2. Would you choose mineral water over NEWater?
3. Do you think NEWater is clean enough to drink?
4. Would you recommend NEWater to your friends/relatives?
5. Are you disgusted by NEWater?
6. If your answer for the above question is yes, why are you disgusted?
7. Do you have any problems using NEWater?
8. What was your first impression about NEWater?

Data Analysis
For the last 2 questions, the response were grouped into positive and negative response. We mainly targeted the students of SST based on their attitude towards NEWater. This survey helped us gather valuable data which we then evaluated. We categorized the information that we received according to their significance and into 2 main groups, Negative and Positive. We had kept the number of participants to not more than 150 to make sure it does not become too much of a lengthy process. Pie charts were used to compare the results we received.

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