3. Results

Data Analysis
Based on the survey we conducted, this is the summary of responses that we received.

After asking some other questions which were...
1) Do you have any problems by using NEWater?
2) What was your first impression about NEWater?
We came with the common reasons that people face with NEWater. Approximately 90% had a somewhat negative perspective towards NEWater while the remaining 10% had no problems with NEWater.

Negative reasons:

  • The water is still produced from the human’s waste which didn’t seem very appetizing.
  • It tastes too much of chemicals.
  • It is pretty salty/bitter.
  • Weird and disgusting taste causing some people to dislike NEWater
  • My first impression on NEWater was that it was not so safe to drink, thinking that there might be germs from cockroaches and other insects.
  • It tastes different and I could not imagine drinking the water that is very dirty. It makes me feel very worried whether it is still clean and safe to drink.
  • Not available for buying
  • It smelt a bit strange
  • The packaging is too small(per bottle).
  • Mentally felt that mineral water is better
  • Can’t be found anywhere/ Hard to acquire.
  • My home has a second filter for consuming water, and the filters shows a lot of dirty things found in the water

But, there were also some people who looked towards NEWater in a positive way. Their comments were:
Positive remarks by some:

  • Unclean and unsafe for consumption but after the visit to the NEWater plant in Sec 1, I saw the filtering systems and was convinced otherwise.
  • The taste of it is still rather different, which might give people the misconception that the water is not as clean as mineral waters.
  • NEWater is water filtered from different sources around Singapore, including water from the lavatory. At first I thought we might get food poisoning from drinking it. However, after observing how it is filtered, I know it is clean enough to be consumed.  
  • At first, when I first heard about NEWater, I felt that the water they provide is not clean and unsuitable to drink. But after trying NEWater, I felt that it was actually clean and alright to drink
  • Great, I really didn't know it was wastewater at first. But later I found out it was wastewater but since it taste so nice so i don't really mind drinking it
  • It's pretty cool. Once you get that "I'm drinking waste" notion out of your head you realize that it is a pretty sustainable source, so to speak.
  • Of course, it was an entirely new and very radical concept, but once I figured out the process of purifying waste water to create NEWater, I understood that there was actually no difference between "normal" or "conventional" mineral water and NEWater other than the fact that the latter was derived from waste water. All in all, my first impression of NEWater was that it was radical and somewhat disgusting (that was before I understood the processes behind it), but that soon changed.

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